Project Description

About  J. Dylan Cavin

Jeremy Dylan Cavin was born in Chickasha, Oklahoma.  He is an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation. He has been drawing ever since he can remember; however, it wasn’t until middle school, when he developed his interest of comic books, that he put a handle on what he would want to do with his life.

Dylan attended the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma on an Art Talent scholarship. It was here that he found his passion for painting and figure drawing. In his last year of college, he decided to emphasize in graphic design. Dylan graduated with a BFA in 2000 and has been in the graphic design field ever since.

Dylan enlisted in the army in July of 2006 wanting to get away for awhile, he only served nine months.  He was honorably discharged after breaking his leg.  It was during this off time,